The Aussie Behind Bub’s Aussie Pies

Growing up in Western Australia as a boy, Jason Drysdale always had a passion for cooking.  His mother, Pippin Drysdale, who in his early days developed one of the largest culinary herb nurseries in Western Australia, encouraged this. Pippin went on to become one of Australia’s most prominent ceramic artists with international acclaim.  It was here that from an early age, Jason explored the important nuances of using fresh herbs and spices, giving him a palette for culinary innovation.

His first professional taste of culinary life was in 1987, commencing his apprenticeship at Perugino Restaurant in West Perth. Perugino remains a West Australian icon. Guiseppe gave Jason the grounding to explore his culinary and artistic talents as well as a taste for the freshest quality West Australian produce. After completing his apprenticeship he moved to Europe and continued gaining experience in Italy, as well as working as a private chef on Harley Street, London.

In 1991 Jason’s culinary direction changed when he began in the cruise line industry in Miami FL, working on the grand old lady of the sea, the ‘SS Norway’ with Norwegian Cruise Lines.

After one year, Jason returned to Western Australia where he opened an up market café in Barker Road, Subiaco.  As Head Chef, he started to explore different culinary procedures using fresh produce – taste, texture and art.

In 1993, Jason had a change of course again and returned to the cruise line industry joining Star Cruises in Asia. He began as Chef de Partie and became Executive Chef in 1998. Star Cruises gave Jason the opportunity to travel around different cross sections of Asian and explore the variety of culinary techniques specific to each region.  These techniques are still incorporated into Jason’s creative idea’s with Asian/Modern gastronomy to produce exquisite culinary creations. Over the next couple of years, Jason was procured by a number of cruise lines opening new ships, with a wide range of culinary outlets.

In 2000, he returned to Australia as Executive Chef at the Naval and Military Club in Melbourne, this kept him abreast with contemporary Australian culinary trends.

In late September 2001, Jason rejoined Norwegian Cruise Lines as Executive Chef on the ‘Norwegian Dream’ and ‘Norwegian Sun’.  NCL is “free-style cruising” with a wide variety of culinary trends.  Jason believes that NCL is one of the most creative and trendy cruise lines in the industry. This year he became the Culinary Trainer for NCL America (Norwegian Cruise lines US Flags ships Division) at the training school in Maryland USA.  Training and Development is the way for Jason to give back to the cruise industry what he has gained from it over the past decade, a wealth of culinary experience and professional practice.

In 2011 Jason become Director of Culinary for Turning Stone Casino Resorts in New York State. During Jason’s time he headed the culinary redevelopment project that included a 40 Million Dollar expansion of restaurants. Food & Beverage revenue went from 55 Million in 2011 to 85 Million in 2014.

Jason joined levy Prom Golf as Executive Chef in July of 2015, taking his culinary talents to the PGA Golf Tour. Jason has already made a great impact into the world of Sports Entertainment Hospitality catering some of the biggest sporting event in the United States. Events such as PGA of America, The Players, Ryder Cup, US Open, Masters, Breeders Cup Just to name a Couple.

Also have a passion for native Australian Herb and Product and this is something that I do wish to bring to the United States Market. Was Promoted to Sr Executive Chef Levy Golf in 2018.

Moved on from Levy Golf and Special Events back in June 2019.

Joining M Hospitality as Sr Executive Chef at USS Bank Stadium for the Minnesota Vikings.

Overall, Jason is passionate, creative and committed to his craft.  His emphasis is on flavor, colour and texture using the very best quality produce. Cooking is a way of life for Jason and now living in the United States, he continues to explore different angles in contemporary culinary arts.  There is no doubt that being raised in an artistic environment has given Jason a creative edge to his work.